How to plan a trip to Nanjing

Have you ever thought of traveling to a destination that is rich in religion as

Have you ever thought of traveling to a destination that is rich in religion as well as cultural heritage while at the same time surrounded by beautiful and vibrant natural scenarios?.well if your answer is yes, then this is the right article you will need to go through again and again because it contains a lot of valuable information about the travel guide to Nanjing, we are going to cover various things that you would like to consider in your list as places of interest as well as the means on how to get around in this magnificent town by the name Nanjing.

Nanjing is located on the eastern side of China. It is the second-largest city in the east of China. During the ming dynasty, this town was the largest in the republic of china therefore it is a city that has got a lot of history to there you will be able to gather the whole information about the china culture as well as the various kingdom that were there in the past here is the full information on How to plan a trip to Nanjing.

Things to See

this great town is the only town where the remains of the last empire can be traced not forgetting that it was the host of the ming empire it has got so many places of interest that will surely rejuvenate the spirit of every traveler who visits this place some of the things you will need to include in your list are;

The Yangtze River

This is a river that was very important as far as the development of the Nanjing town is concerned. in another word the development of this town can be attributed to The Yangtze River because it has good navigation which can allow Trading vessels to move from Sichuan to Shanghai and then connect the town to the pacific ocean for commercial purposes. Currently, you can enjoy the beauty of this river when you tour this place by the use of the boat or you can even plan to use a cruise ship.


This is a place worth visiting because it is endowed by the various historical sites as well as a rich cultural and religious site. It is a unique mountain that you should never ignore when you get to Nanjing because your tour will not be successful. It has got Linggu Temple and other sites that are historical. Some of these temples that are located here were set for the people to pay tribute when they get there. Aside from these, there are parks when you can take a walk around them as you catch the cool atmosphere that exists in this area.

some of the other spots that you will come across in this area include:

-Qinhuai River

-Mochou Lake

-Confucius Temple


Whether you are staying for one day, a week or a month, Nanjing has everything to offer .The city has many hotels that suit your budget .These range from small to luxurious hotels. Holiday apartments are also available on blossom hill; worry not for accommodations .some some the hotels are;

– Baijiahu Ximenzi,

-Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing

-Jinling Hotel Nanjing,

-Pukou Nanda

-Vienna Hotel Nanjing

-InterContinental Nanjing.

-Home Inn Plus Nanjing Xinjiekou

– Han Yue Lou Hotel Nanjing.


Nanjing Salted Duck is the most famous dish .it is crispy outside and juicy and tender inside .the nagging dishes are sweet-tasting wine tasting, and very impressive if you are a food lover and craving local Chinese food or other international cuisines Nanjing will not disappoint you.

Nanjing Transportation

Nanjing has a well-established transportation system .How do you get to Nanjing? The city sits on the Yangtze River Delta and lies on the west side of both sea and shanghai (about 300km ). Being located at Yangtze River Delta, a very busy economic center, it has a very good transport system, especially roads that are well connected to all parts of the country. The best way to get to this country is through a direct plane offered by the best airline company .You can fly from major cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, and Suzhou to Lukou International Airport, located almost 35 km from Nanjing city. .Ensure you book your flights in advance with the best airline (Cathay Pacific) to avoid stress during your vacation to Nanjing. Cathay pacific ensures your trip is easy by offering flights to major china destinations and other popular cities .You can get to Nanjing through the bullet train system that operates in China destinations and other popular cities.

How do you get around Nanjing during your trip?

It is important to note that Nanjing has a well-established road transport system that includes public and private transportation systems .The best and easy way to get around Nanjing is through the subway, popularly known as the Nanjing metro. There are nine subways in this city that operate in different routes within the city. The metro and tickets depend on where you are going. It is also recommended you buy a Nanjing Metro Card if you are staying in the city for a week or more .These cards are available in metro stations. You can also use regular trains. Nanjing currently has three train stations (Nanjing North Railway Station, South Railway Station and west railway station .These trains are the best for long distances. There are other ways of exploring the city such as through long-distance buses and taxis. Taxis are available from all corners of the city. If you are not sure, ask locals to help you. It is also important when planning your trip to Nanjing you set a taxi bill .When you are there, do not buy tickets from touts because they may mislead you, so be cautious. If you have time and want to enjoy the water scenes of the city, waterways may be the choice, and a 4 or 5-star cruise may be the best.

Tour guides

Nanjing is a big city in china with many things to do and see. Your visit here will give an overwhelming experience. For this reason, tourists are encouraged to hire tour guides when exploring the beauty of this city .The tour guides make your visits hassle-free and more enjoyable. Nanjing is a must-visit city in China as it has many things to do and standout attractions that you will have time for.


Nanjing is mostly preferred by the government to host her festivals which returns attracts lot of visitors from all parts of the world some the events that normally go down here includes Jiangxin Zhou Fruit Festival and the Kite Festival which are festivals that are recognized across the republic of china and are worthy you as a visitor to go and witness them.

Time to travel

The best time of the year that you need to go and enjoy the beauty of this city is between May and September and again you can also prefer to visit between October and November. This is because the weather is a bit warm and there is less rainfall during these months.